Thursday, February 3, 2011

General Tips On How To Make Your Computer Faster
By Walter Bourn

Computers generally tend to run slow due to several factors like hardware problems, presence of virus, spyware or other malicious software. It is thereby essential for you to consider the matter before it affects the working of the entire system. Some of the vital tips on how to make your computer faster include:

Disk cleanup is one of the ideal tips to make a system work in an efficient manner. The cleanup activity can be performed by setting it automatically or by doing it on your own. For this, you will need to go to the bottom of the left side of the computer screen and click on start tab. Following this, choose all programs under which you will need to select accessories. Clicking on accessories will give you a list of options wherein you will need to opt for system tools and then disk cleanup. When you right click on disk cleanup a pop-up box will show and clicking on the ok button will clean the disk of your system. Some of the files that can be safely removed to improve your computer speed include temporary internet files, unused windows components, clear recycle bin, discard outdated programs etc.

Disk defragmenter is the other best means on how to make your computer faster. This will help to easily merge fragmented folders and files on the hard disk. The disk defragmenter option is located in the same place as disk cleanup. When you click on disk defragmenter you get to select drive C and D. When you choose one of the drives and click defragment it will automatically begin the defragmentation process for the particular drive. Although a time consuming process, you will find a major difference in the entire speed of the system.

The other major requirement is to protect your computer against virus or spyware. Spyware is a harmful source that not only slows down the system but also collects personal information without your knowledge or permission. To avoid this, you can consider using free antivirus software or scanning tools that will enable to detect and eliminate the virus.

Additionally, cutting down on the use of startup programs will enhance your system startup time and also lowers the physical usage of RAM especially by unnecessary programs that run in the background. This can be done manually by running msconfig on the startup tab or by downloading the required software. In this way by implementing these tips on how to make your computer faster will help to improve the overall performance of your computer.

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