Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sony pushing Blu-ray high-definition DVD Japanese video - Blu-ray, DVD, - HC network appliance indus by jekky

in the release less than a month after the ps3 console sony has introduced in the domestic market new high definition dvd recorders the aim is to help restore consumer confidence in its technological advantages to bring back its past glory late seventies the twentieth century the vhs betamax war of two types of videos are repeated two different dvd formats the player hitting the market they provide the same quality images as movies and interactive entertainment sony 39 s dvd recorders in the crucial christmas holiday shopping season consumers storage capacity of 500gb hard drive version of the price tag of 30 yen 2600 u s dollars sony spokesman daichiyamafuji this week said the five high definition dvd recorders we 39 ve heard in consumer electronics store it is very interesting during the exhibition period japan 39 s major electronics retailer bic camera 39 s staff said the store acknowledged that many consumers are interested in sony products but his colleagues admitted that many consumers simply view it bic camera rival electronics retailer yodobashi camera 39 s staff hideoyamamura that products are mainly attracted to certain types of customers he said quot in our major customers on products of interest to those of sony electronic products are obsessed with the 20 year old to 30 year old male but its price is still very high quot analysts said consumers of high definition on the sony dvd recorder is able to translate into interest in selling is not clear according to the united states based research firm cymfony said consumers win the dvd format sony 39 s format war seems to doubt it analyst explained that the higher prices have led many families to give up sony 39 s products sony only shipped 10 000 per month vcr the new blu ray high definition dvd recorders on the financial situation of sony impact is limited market research firm kazuharumiura analyst at daiwa institute of research said quot compared with sony 39 s ps3 game console the new blu ray recorder sales is very small in the sony 39 s low share of income quot however blu ray player is sony 39 s ps3 game in short supply source of the problem there sony was forced to delay ps3 is because some of the dvd component shortage it is installed in every ps3 console sony ps3 console in the development have devoted a lot of money it is for sony 39 s future success is crucial especially in it by a series of setbacks including the recall of millions of notebook batteries in the protracted war in dvd format sony is doing everything possible to convince consumers that their products will become the dominant format panasonic is a partner of sony which has launched a blu ray recorders in japan toshiba will start mass production to compete with blu ray format hddvd recorders key words blu ray dvd comment large in small

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