Monday, February 14, 2011

The Next Generation Gaming Console Revealed By Sony

Author: Marie Coles

With the in-home entertainment industry on the boom, the gaming industry is more competitive than ever. Last month, lead players Sony announced their next generation portable gaming console, the PSP 2, which boasts technologies such as Wi-Fi and 3G.

The PSP2 moves away from Sony's gaming label of home entertainment and moves forward into the portable gaming industry. In competition with the Nintendo portable gaming console which offers 3D technology, the Sony PSP 2 can still compete as it offers Wi-Fi, 3G and the unique offer of two analogue sticks, opening up the portable game industry to a larger variety of game styles.

It also offers a 5 inch OLED screen, with a touch screen that enables players to interact with the consul more comprehensively, with features such as ‘touch, grab, trace, push and pull' finger motions. Unlike prior generations, this model opens up the portable gaming industry even further, enabling gamers to have much more variety and abilities in portable gaming.

The PSP2 also boasts a new memory card, the small flash memory card, which will be devoted to Next Generation Portable software. It allows you not only to store the software, but any add ons and saved games too. This form of memory will also allow for memory expansion in the future, enabling portable games just as to be content and memory rich as a home gaming systems one day.

Although the PSP2 is a portable game station, it still features some of its sister's capabilities (the Playstation), including Playstation Move capabilities. Incorporated motion sensors, enable you to experience the same real life features that the Wii and other such game consoles expose you to.

Sony seem to be going from strength to strength despite competition from other game console manufacturers. Already, they are working on smartphone compatibility and gaming, with internet and android big players Google. This will further expand the gaming market to the non-casual and casual game user.

The PSP2 is already a one up for the portable gaming market, enabling people to expand their gaming experience. It will be available near the end of 2011, just in time for Christmas!

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Sony Dash Review - The Personal Internet Tablet

By Mike L Wilson

The Sony Dash is not what most people visualize when they think about an internet tablet. They Dash is a little bit thicker than the newest style of tablets like the android tabs and the Apple iPad. The design is not made to be a "bring with you" device, but instead is build for use around the house as a counter top web enabled device. There are even some alarm clock functions that make this a perfect device to put by the head of your bed as well. The Sony Dash is nothing like most of the tablets on the market today and it also runs a custom UI from Sony.

There are apps on this device so you can install many different widget type applications to the device to make it function as you like. You can even add skins to make the graphical user interface customized to your liking. The Dash has recently become one of the most affordable tablets on the market due to recent price drops. There will be many new Android tablets and of course a new iPad released this year, but for the money this tablet has to be one of the coolest gadgets on the market.

Sony has not stood up as a big player in the tablet market. However, as this last year's model lays to rest they are sure to come up with a new model to compete with all the others this year. The Sony Dash review has made this gadget out to be a great bed side assistant for the tech savvy, but does not really rate this gadget with the powerful portable tablets that are now hitting the market.

It will be interesting to see if they choose to come out with a new tablet that is supported by one of the popular open source Operating Systems created for mobile devices or if they will continue to work with their own proprietary OS. The new Sony PlayStation Suite is an official PlayStation store that will be a game repository for mobile devices. This new game store will allow consumers with an Android enabled device to download games directly to their phone or tablet. Many think that this is just the preliminary stage of Sony stepping into the Android hardware market themselves.

There may be some amazing new tablets coming from Sony in the near future. For the time being the Sony Dash is one heck of a deal. If you are looking for high quality and low priced internet tablet or a simple internet viewer the Dash is one of the best options until we see some new tablets in 2011.

You can learn more about this cool gadget in this Sony Dash review or you can check out Sony's official website. There are many new tech gadgets coming out this year. If you are looking for the perfect tablet check out the best Android tablets from CES 2011.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011


What You Need to Keep in Mind When Buying a Laptop Computer Bag
By Jacque Crook

Laptops today have become more popular than the desktop computer because of their portability. Most people travel with their laptops, but you need to have a functional laptop computer bag. When you shop for laptop bags, you will quickly find that there are several to choose from, but you need to think about what your needs are, and how often you load your laptop in a case or bag to take it with you when you head out. The last thing you want to do is just carry your laptop under your arm with no protective casing, because if you drop it, you will end up losing all your information.

The purpose of a laptop computer bag is to protect your computer so that if you drop it, you will not break it, but it is also to keep the case from being scratched while in transit. However, you also want to look at laptop bags that you actually like. For instance, if you are a businessperson traveling on professional business, you might not want to have a Mickey Mouse laptop bag. The case needs to be relevant to the situation and your personal needs.

Think about how big your laptop is, this matters a lot because you do not want to buy a laptop computer bag made for a 17-inch laptop when your computer is just 15 inches because there will be too much play in the bag, which means the laptop can slip around. The laptop bags are designed to fit snug around your computer so that it is not jiggling around in the case, so do not just buy a case because it is on sale, make sure it is the size that works for your laptop.

Next, think about your travels, what do you take with you? Having a laptop computer bag that has side zippers and other compartments is normally useful if you are carrying other items that are needed when using the laptop. If you like using a mouse with your laptop, then make sure you look for laptop bags that has plenty of room to place a laptop mouse. Typically, the bags that are made for laptops do not look like a typical laptop case, which is good, because you do not want your bad to instantly attract people that you are carrying a computer.

When you are in need of a new laptop computer bag, make sure you consider the size of your computer, and what other items you need to carry. With a little bit of planning, you will choose the person laptop bag for you and you will have the space you need for all your other accessories. Keeping your laptop safe from possible damages when you are out is crucial because it is the laptop bags and cases that product your investment and information.

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General Tips On How To Make Your Computer Faster
By Walter Bourn

Computers generally tend to run slow due to several factors like hardware problems, presence of virus, spyware or other malicious software. It is thereby essential for you to consider the matter before it affects the working of the entire system. Some of the vital tips on how to make your computer faster include:

Disk cleanup is one of the ideal tips to make a system work in an efficient manner. The cleanup activity can be performed by setting it automatically or by doing it on your own. For this, you will need to go to the bottom of the left side of the computer screen and click on start tab. Following this, choose all programs under which you will need to select accessories. Clicking on accessories will give you a list of options wherein you will need to opt for system tools and then disk cleanup. When you right click on disk cleanup a pop-up box will show and clicking on the ok button will clean the disk of your system. Some of the files that can be safely removed to improve your computer speed include temporary internet files, unused windows components, clear recycle bin, discard outdated programs etc.

Disk defragmenter is the other best means on how to make your computer faster. This will help to easily merge fragmented folders and files on the hard disk. The disk defragmenter option is located in the same place as disk cleanup. When you click on disk defragmenter you get to select drive C and D. When you choose one of the drives and click defragment it will automatically begin the defragmentation process for the particular drive. Although a time consuming process, you will find a major difference in the entire speed of the system.

The other major requirement is to protect your computer against virus or spyware. Spyware is a harmful source that not only slows down the system but also collects personal information without your knowledge or permission. To avoid this, you can consider using free antivirus software or scanning tools that will enable to detect and eliminate the virus.

Additionally, cutting down on the use of startup programs will enhance your system startup time and also lowers the physical usage of RAM especially by unnecessary programs that run in the background. This can be done manually by running msconfig on the startup tab or by downloading the required software. In this way by implementing these tips on how to make your computer faster will help to improve the overall performance of your computer.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sony Ericsson Zylo - Powerful mobile phone with power packed features

Posted By: prepaymaniauk

The main attractive feature of Sony Zylo Jazz Black Phone is its captivating TFT display screen of 2.6 inch and actively displays 256K hues. The presentation screen has dimension of 240 x 320 pixels and integrates scratch unsusceptible surface to guarantee long life to the mobile. Additionally, an accelerometer sensor comes integrated with the device for automatic rotation of the images figuring upon the aspect of the mobile.

Various Best Zylo O2 Deals are available in the mobile mart and on online portals, so you can opt for the best after doing proper analysis of the phone.

It comes with a regnant 3.15 MP camera which helps in capturing your precious moments as images or videos and stock them on your mobile gizmo or on Micro SD which has the storage capacity of up to 16GB. It also helps to make video calls.

A best phone is expected to have a huge storage capacity for storing many songs in it. It provides entertainment features by the excellence of the stereo FM radio that accompanies with RDS functionality, while inclusive of many motion based games which provides with additional entertainment.

The internal memory of the handset is of 260 MB which can be enlarged up to 16 GB with the support of micro SD card.

It comprises of loads of options for connectivity which consists of web access as well as the Bluetooth connectivity and USB. For easy transfer of files, it provides you with GPRS, USB port, EDGE, WLAN and 3G. For accessing various websites it supports instant messenger, RSS reader, push mail, e-mail and HTML. For accessing the Cyberspace, it has a provision of integrated HSDPA connection that offers pace of up to 7.2 Mbps.

Sony Zylo Jazz Black Phone is a brilliant phone for social connectivity. It provides YouTube, Twitter and Face book applications for giving user-friendly and simple access.

Communication alternatives such as MMS, SMS, E-mail, Push E-mail and IM, can be experienced on this device. The battery life of this mobile is about 350 hours. If you want the best phone you can pick your favorite from Best Zylo O2 Deals and carry your possession proudly.

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Sony To Launch Its Hdtvs And Blu-ray Players Powered By Google Tv

By: exsmith

All the gadget and TV lovers should gear up for more Google TV powered products, as consumer electronics giant Sony on Tuesday unleashed a total of almost four HDTVs and a Blu Ray player that are powered by the search giant Googles latest TV software. The new Google Android Powered Television platform will be a part of all these living room gadgets released by Sony.

These new HDTVs and Blue Ray Players will be on sale at various Sony Style outlets this weekend and will also be sold by Best Buy Stores from the week starting from October 24. Sonys latest Google TV software powered internet TVs will be available, after its launch, on different prices and screen size categories. The price starts from $599 for the smallest of High Definition TV set having 24 inch screen size to $1,399 for the largest TV set having a screen size of 46-inch. The 32-inch model will be having a price tag of $799 and the other variant that is 40-inch model will be available for $999.

Sonys new Google TV software enabled Blue ray Players will start from $399 and the price will go up for different versions. The detailed specifications and information about the launched products can be seen from this link right here.

Well, as far as pricing comparison between Sonys non-Google TV sets and normal TV sets is gauged, Google TVs are a bit of a premium. For non Google TVs, Sonys priciest HDTV having a screen size of 22-inch, costs about $300 but for the same screen size Google TV costs around $599. Moreover, non-Google TVs also have the option to access Sonys Bravia internet channels. According to some people, $400 price tag for a Google powered Blue Ray player is quite a high amount as compare to the other models available out there in the market. It is also to be noted that none of the released Sony HDTVs having Google Android software at the backhand have a 3D viewing option as compare to a normal HDTV of the same range.

Accessories like QWERTY keyboard is bundled with new Blue Ray players and HDTVs; the remote also has a twin four way pad which is a navigational pad having all the standard TV controls on the top of this Nav panel. The QWERTY remote is almost just like a normal gaming controller with little protruding keys.

The Executives at Sony unveiled the latest Google TV ready HDTVs in a lavish launching ceremony held in Manhattan on Tuesday, just a week after the launch of Logitechs Revue that is a Google TV software powered Set-Top box priced at $299. Logitechs Revue requires a series of HDMI pass through cables and the set top box also communicates through an IR blaster.

But it is very much evident that Sonys HDTVs have a more elegant display as compare to a Set-Top box enabled display, moreover all these HDTVs do not require pass through network of HDMI cables so it is sort of wire free network.

For all the tech wench readers who have not been tracking this amazing TV internet integration, Google TV represents the latest Endeavour by various tech giants to successfully meld Web with Live TV. The devices are armed with an Atom processor and devices also boost a Google Web Browser. It also supports Flash video games and applications. Google has already made deals with number of Web giants and TV networks to optimize and streamline their contents for Google TV; it includes the likes of HBO, NBA and CNN. Multi-tasking is another plus point of Google TV, like Picture-in-Picture option that enables the viewers to see live TV and work on Web as well.

The most amazing thing is that these Android Powered TVs and Set-Top boxes also support applications, and companies Netflix, Amazon and Twitter have already launched their Apps for Google TV. Google TV users will also have a full fledge access to the Android market from where they can shop for apps just like they do on Android based Smartphones.

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