Monday, February 7, 2011

Sony Dash Review - The Personal Internet Tablet

By Mike L Wilson

The Sony Dash is not what most people visualize when they think about an internet tablet. They Dash is a little bit thicker than the newest style of tablets like the android tabs and the Apple iPad. The design is not made to be a "bring with you" device, but instead is build for use around the house as a counter top web enabled device. There are even some alarm clock functions that make this a perfect device to put by the head of your bed as well. The Sony Dash is nothing like most of the tablets on the market today and it also runs a custom UI from Sony.

There are apps on this device so you can install many different widget type applications to the device to make it function as you like. You can even add skins to make the graphical user interface customized to your liking. The Dash has recently become one of the most affordable tablets on the market due to recent price drops. There will be many new Android tablets and of course a new iPad released this year, but for the money this tablet has to be one of the coolest gadgets on the market.

Sony has not stood up as a big player in the tablet market. However, as this last year's model lays to rest they are sure to come up with a new model to compete with all the others this year. The Sony Dash review has made this gadget out to be a great bed side assistant for the tech savvy, but does not really rate this gadget with the powerful portable tablets that are now hitting the market.

It will be interesting to see if they choose to come out with a new tablet that is supported by one of the popular open source Operating Systems created for mobile devices or if they will continue to work with their own proprietary OS. The new Sony PlayStation Suite is an official PlayStation store that will be a game repository for mobile devices. This new game store will allow consumers with an Android enabled device to download games directly to their phone or tablet. Many think that this is just the preliminary stage of Sony stepping into the Android hardware market themselves.

There may be some amazing new tablets coming from Sony in the near future. For the time being the Sony Dash is one heck of a deal. If you are looking for high quality and low priced internet tablet or a simple internet viewer the Dash is one of the best options until we see some new tablets in 2011.

You can learn more about this cool gadget in this Sony Dash review or you can check out Sony's official website. There are many new tech gadgets coming out this year. If you are looking for the perfect tablet check out the best Android tablets from CES 2011.

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