Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sony Introduces the NEW Sony Bloggie 3D

The Bloggie 3D uses 2 lenses and 2 picture microphones allowing you to make your own 3D Small Film clips and then seamlessly upload it to the internet using the constructed in USB connect.

It’s got a two.4 inch LCD display which permits you to play back again your movie in 3D without needing to wear 3D glasses, that is truly cool. It’s got a constructed in stereo microphone and a LED light to make use of although shooting video which reduces shadows when shooting.

It shoots in 1920/1080 MP4 video and provides a 5 megapixel nonetheless shot digital camera. The Sony Bloggie 3D will come with 8 GB of storage and in constructed software which compresses the clips so it is already prepared for uploading to the web.

The Sony Bloggie 3D has a constructed in Usb connect for easy pc connect and you also utilize the USB connect for charging the battery which makes it very convenient and you don’t need an additional cord for charging that is great feature.
Of course the Bloggie 3D also provides shooting in normal 2D video clip as well as a 5 megapixel still digital camera which may get regular pictures or pictures in 3D.
According to Sony, the Bloggie 3D will be appropriate with all 3D televisions and can display content on normal 2D televisions also. The Bloggie 3D also offers integrated support for Facebook, Youtube, Flickr and Picasa web albums.

Obtainable to the public in April 2011 the New Sony Bloggie 3D took the tech globe by storm in the CES display in Las Vegas.

The is the initial affordable 3D handheld Camcorder with a price point of just $249.00. The Sony Bloggie 3D has a 2.4 inch LCD screen exactly where you are able to view your 3D video clip clips with out having to make use of any 3D glasses which is truly great. It has built in stereo speakers and a LED light which could be used to diffuse any shadows when taking video.

The Sony Blogger 3D shoots in 2 and 3D and also sports a 5 megapixel nonetheless camera. It includes 8GB of inbuilt storage that is sufficient for about one hour and a half of leading high quality 3d Video clip clips.

Charging the Bloggie 3d is a snap using the convenient constructed in USB connecter which is also utilized to obtain your video clips for your computer. Uploading to your favorite video sharing site is a snap as the inbuilt software compresses your video clip automatically making it immediately ready to share your new 3D videos with friends online.


Capture high-definition in 2D or 3D video using the Sony 3D Bloggie HD camera. You are able to watch your 3D videos straight on the two.4′ touchscreen LCD’ and no special glasses are needed. You are able to also share the 3D fun with others by connecting your Bloggie camera to any 3D Tv and Watch all 3D video clip in 2D as well.

3D video and still image recording capability
The Sony Bloggie 3D comes with two lenses for recording high-definition 3D video and still images. Playback your 3D content material by way of a 3D capable HDMI cable (sold individually) and compatible 3D HDTV correct from your camera.

3D viewing straight on two.4″ LCD, no require for 3D glasses
The camera is also 3D ready, enabling you to look at your 3D video clips directly around the camera’s screen with out the require for 3D glasses.

1920x1080p MP4 HD video clip w/5MP nonetheless pictures
The Sony Bloggie 3D digital camera lets you record your favorite moments in High Definition MP4 format and features a 5Mega pixel sensor that lets you get sharp 5MP nonetheless pictures (2D) and 3D nonetheless photos.

Full-screen vertical/horizontal record/playback on 2.4′ LCD
The 2.4′ touch display LCD can rotate its place automatically; nevertheless you maintain the digital camera ‘ horizontally, vertically, even upside down.

As much as four hours HD video clip with 8GB of internal memory1
Report and retailer up to 4 hours of high-definition, 3D or 2D, video footage (default setting) towards the camera’s 8GB of built-in flash memory.one

Slim design with smooth finish and simplified operation
The slender physique with its low-profile and simplified buttons give the Bloggie 3D digital camera a smooth appear and really feel and at only 4.two oz it’s easy to take with you everywhere.

Flip-out USB arm for upload/charge
A built-in USB arm easily flips-out and enables you to connect your digital camera directly to your compatible Computer to upload video clip and/or charge your battery without needing to hunt for cables.

Tag videos to upload and share automatically later
The Bloggie 3D camera comes with pre-installed software that tends to make it easy to tag videos and images within the camera although around the go and mark them for upload for your favorite web sharing websites, like Facebook, YouTube, or Private Space the next time the digital camera is connected to a pc.

SteadyShot picture stabilization
SteadyShot image stabilization assists decrease blur caused by digital camera shake.

Auto-Macro shooting and 4x digital zoom2
With the Bloggie 3D camera you’ll be able to get pictures or video clip from as small as 4′ away2, perfect for capturing a company card or a new friend’s phone quantity.

Sony Exmor CMOS sensor for high-quality video/stills
The Bloggie 3D digital camera’s Exmor CMOS sensor delivers high-quality video and photos with less grain, even in difficult lighting conditions.

Face Detection technology for video and stills2
Face Detection technology recognizes faces and optimizes camera settings for each video clip and still images2, so faces are captured more clearly and skin tones appear more organic.

Built-in rechargeable battery
The built-in battery contributes towards the Bloggie 3D digital camera’s sleek and stylish style although powering the big 2.4′ screen and camera functions.

HDMI output with 3D support
With HDMI output, you’ll have the ability to share your HD Bloggie 3D video with friends and household on your 3D HDTV (3D HDMI cable required/not included).

Built-in LED Light
The Bloggie 3D camera features an LED light that can assist in low-light situations giving you more flexibility when capturing your video clip.

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